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“Veers are capable of making anthems as big as the California desert . . . (they) sound like they never stopped believing rock ’n’ roll could do the heavy lifting.”
—Buzzbands LA

“Their music brings a consuming energy to the room that will get you amped up . . . with a full, classic-rock timbre that burns with its own sense of urgency.”
—Impose Magazine

Veers’s explosive second single “Wolf At The Door” is out now on Merrill Artists (ECR Music Group). The second track to be released from the band’s forthcoming debut album The Universe Reversal (September 16, 2022), “Wolf At The Door” follows on a wave of buzz-worthy attention for the band in the Los Angeles rock and roll scene—buzz which has landed Veers their first record deal.

“The energy and sheer power this band has had me hooked instantly,” says Merrill Artists’ President Tommy Merrill. “Soaring melodies, consummate musicians, plus they have an infectious, inherent joy about what they do. How can you not get behind that?”

Forged from the band’s shared influences ranging from Interpol to Royal Blood, Veers seamlessly blends Brit-Pop, Post-Punk, and Psychedelia into a sound that’s not only compelling and fresh, but one that’s unique.

English-born frontman, guitarist, and principal songwriter Andrew James moved to Los Angeles where he met Arizona natives Nick Lanata (bass) and Spencer Schuck (guitar), and Chris Neff (drums) who’d come from Portland, Oregon. Accomplished musicians all, the band’s chemistry was clear from the outset, and their electrifying concerts have allowed them to build a sizable and energetic fan base in Los Angeles.

Now, with all the pieces in place and the wind at their back, the band is ready to step forward into an exciting 2022—with a new record deal, another new single, and their debut album, The Universe Reversal.

Veers’s new single “Wolf At The Door” is out now on Merrill Artists.

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